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What our Rental Make-Over Cleaning Service covers?
  • Sweeping + Vacuum + Mop on all floor areas
  • Cleaning of empty Furniture’s, Fixtures & Fittings (Interior & Exterior)
  • Cleaning of Toilets , Kitchen Areas and Rooms
  • Cleaning of Fans and Lightings
  • Cleaning of Built-in appliances (e.g. new stoves, ovens etc)
  • Clearing of Trash
  • Cleaning of all Glass Panels, Walls, Doors and Windows (interior)
  • Other ad-hoc/periodic chores as requested


Our professionals are experts in pest control with unmatched experience in dealing with rodents, termites, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies & mosquitoes. Herbal pest control being eco friendly is not harmful and does not have any effects on humans.

A really bad infestation can drive you to thoughts of flea floggers, ant sprays, moth balls, rat poison, and antibacterial products–toxic pesticides! We can make it easy for you as we can help you with Cockroaches Rats Termites bugs ants flies etc.